The connection between games and work makes for a compelling and provocative corporate presentation. Whether its for a Board or C-level briefing or a gathering of potential change-agents in your organization, Byron and Leighton, together or separately engage their audiences in the key ideas behind Total Engagement. Our regular presentations range across the following:

  • Why your company needs a game strategy to engage a new generation of workers with surprising expectations about their workplace
  • Why play is not the opposite of work and ideas for generating "flow" in what could be tedious or frustrating enterprise work
  • The ingredients of great games and how they can be used ala carte to create engaging work environments
  • The evidence for why people have such compelling responses to virtual people, places, objects, and even virtual money
  • Ideas for engaging the talented gamers in your own organization to produce culture change around innovation and collaboration

We also serve as gamemasters in team exercises that go far beyond the usual workshop dynamics and help clients build great enterprise games. Read more...

Video: Shaping the Future of Work

Leighton talks at the Rice Alliance Information Technology & Web 2.0 Venturm Forum.

Video: Serious Uses for Games

Byron talks about enterprise inspirations for multi-player virtual worlds at the Stanford Media X Conference on Building Effective Virtual Teams (requires QuickTime).

Video: Leadership ideas for the gamer generation

Leighton offers ideas at Unstructure - the HCL Corporation Global Meet on how to lead a new generation of workers steeped in collaborative online games.

Audio: Leighton at Towers Watson

Hear Leighton describe how games are shaping the future of work in this talk at the Conference Board's 2011 Employee Health Care Conference. This is also a chance to hear our thinking about using game ideas to drive employee engagement for managing their own health and draws on experience dating back to a successful computer game he published in 1984 as well as current work with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Health Games Research project.

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