"Ignore this book at your peril or read it and learn how to leverage and learn from the gamer."

John Seely Brown
Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge
Former Chief Scientist of Xerox and Director of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

"Reeves and Read have expertly forged the connection between the experience of game playing and increased productivity in the business world."

Jane Shaw
Chair of the Board, Intel

"For leaders who want to revolutionize work, this is a must-read to help win the game!"

David Kelley
Founder, IDEO, and Professor of Engineering at Stanford University

"Productivity games and virtual worlds are twenty-first-century business processes, not gimmicks, something we've seen for years here at Microsoft. This book is your cutting-edge guide to improving the productivity of every generation in your workforce."

Ross Smith
Senior Technology Architect and IT Operations Excellence, Microsoft

"As I scientist who studies behavior in virtual worlds every day for a living, I was stunned at how much I learned from reading this book. The possibilities for using virtual worlds and games in the workplace are endless, and Reeves and Read do a fantastic job in providing concrete guidelines on how to navigate and leverage the future digital workplace. They combine a hands-on business approach with decades of research about the psychology of media; the result is what is sure to be the canonical text about serous gaming. More importantly, it was downright fun to read."

Jeremy Bailenson
Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford University

"Reeves and Read prove points 1 thorugh 857: that games and virtual reality provide the right kind of business platform to solve common corporate people problems. This collaboration between a Stanford Professor and a venture capitalist turns out to live up, quite literally, to its title."

Barbara Jacobs

"Total Engagement redefines leadership in the twenty-first century. This book makes it possible to jumpstart growth and innovation in turbulent times."

Mark Thompson
Bestselling coauthor of Success Built to Last

"This is an important and prophetic book - a must read for anyone planning a career beyond next year."

Reuben Steiger
CEO of Millions of Us, Inc.

"If you want to know how work is changing, read this fascinating book."

Thomas Malone
Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management and author of The Future of Work

"Total Engagement provides a promising glimpse at how technology advances and human motivation are about to combine to reshape the nature of work."

Jim Spohrer
Director, Global University Programs, IBM

"Total Engagement reveals why productivity is so elusive in this age of proliferating information tools, and how serious games can deliver true work effectiveness in ways that turn conventional business wisdom utterly on it's head."

Paul Saffo
Technology Forecaster

"Byron and Leighton take an outside-of-the-box thought and make it into a very compelling argument. A great way to focus on the employee and create real business value!"

Vineet Nayar
CEO, HCL Technologies Ltd

"The future is written in the tails of the present. Total Engagement makes a great case for the FUTURE of WORK being found in the PRESENT of PLAY."

Alpheus Bingham
Co-Founder, InnoCentive and former Vice President at Eli Lilly

"Based on extensive research into gaming, Total Engagement reveals the fundamental principals you need to know. Read it and read it again - it's that important."

Timothy Chou
Author, The End of Software

"The startling fact is that the best online games behave like really good organizations. The intriguing question is, how long will it take for work to become more like online games? Total Engagement gives your company the insights it needs to stay ahead of this curve."

Peter Sole
CEO, The Research Board

"Think about any job as a game, often a very badly designed game. If it were designed to be engaging, collaborative and very efficient at its goal (say making money or helping people) it could not only do a better job at its goal, but also engage, entertain and make the people working at the 'job' happier.
There is a real gem of value in this book. I know lots of people that may see any games as non-serious by definition, but it is exactly that assumption that keeps us from solving many problems efficiently."

Franz Dill
The Eponymous Pickle

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